DEFI Update

Today, most financial transactions are based on traditional contractual agreements composed of paperwork, that often need trusting third parties to validate the fulfillment of terms outlined in the agreement. This method is outdated, slow, and, most importantly, not cost-effective. In the blockchain, developers are using smart contracts to automatically execute transactions when conditions are met using basic lines of code stored on the blockchain.

CCTN will adopt DEFI in the following weeks.

Follow your passion.

Build the perfect team. 


Revolutionizing the way we meet 

Honest and trustworthy profiles

Build trust with employers and networks by showing your real experiences. We use verification mechanisms to ensure profiles do not contain misleading information in an effort to create genuine connections.

Maximize your potential value

Our innovative patented system quantifies your academic, professional, and social experiences to provide a practical picture of your accomplishments.

Built-in background verification system

We make the process simple: create a profile, apply to a job, ace the interview, and get hired. ConnectChain works behind the scenes to accelerate the job hiring process while you focus on following your passion.

Millions of opportunities to showcase your skills

Embark on a new and exciting job opportunity through our custom-search engine and join the world's most reputable and leading industries.

A story about connection

We all have a desire to connect - at ConnectChain, we make that easier. ConnectChain uses the latest technology to allow people to demonstrate their leadership and expertise, build networks based on trust, and explore thousands of new and exciting opportunities at their fingertips.

COVID-19 Update:

As the usage of CCTN updated, we are now using our connection with customers in factories and delivery industries to make masks and deliver these to the USA. We are trying our best to beat the virus together, we hope we will be back to normal, ASAP.



Our experienced team has advisors, developers, scientists, and researchers working incessantly every day to bring our product to fruition. 



During the last six months, we have successfully registered over 1,000 accounts, who are currently using the ConnectChain app to find their next career path.



Exciting partnerships have led to companies joining our platform and post job advertisements, networking events, and career development opportunities for users worldwide.



ConnectChain has rapidly expanded beyond our national borders and it currently has offices in Washington, D.C., New York, and Shanghai. 



The Connection Credit System

Make connections. Meet new people. Build a genuine network. This is now possible thanks to Connection Credits, which allow users to spend these tokens to send connection requests, messages, and apply for jobs.

The Trust Score System

Using innovative technology, we factor your professional and academic experiences as well as your skills to determine a numerical value that represents you and makes it easier for recruiters to pick the best talent available.

 Background Verification System

Say goodbye to contacting previous employers, running third-party background checks, and wasting time. The entire hiring process can be done through the ConnectChain app. Focus on what's important: your career.