DEFI Update

Today, most financial transactions are based on traditional contractual agreements composed of paperwork, that often need trusting third parties to validate the fulfillment of terms outlined in the agreement. This method is outdated, slow, and, most importantly, not cost-effective. In the blockchain, developers are using smart contracts to automatically execute transactions when conditions are met using basic lines of code stored on the blockchain.

CCTN will adopt DEFI in the following weeks.


Our  Products

We designed these products taking into consideration the biggest challenges recruiters and job-seekers face today in the market. Our research and development team has worked incessantly to create customized solutions that foster integrity, trust, and value. The ConnectChain team is proud to introduce the Connection Credits and Trust Score systems as well as the built-in background verification check system, designed to satisfy the needs of all users and maximize efficiency in the job hiring process.

Connection Credits

Making genuine connections and building a trustworthy network takes a lot more than simply sending requests to everyone. To achieve reciprocal and fruitful relationships, the ConnectChain platform employs Connection Credits - these tokens can be used to send connection requests and apply to job opportunities. 

ConnectChain encourages honesty and integrity. Users can receive free Connection Credits by verifying their network's professional and academic information, thus spreading true information throughout their networks and creating an environment of trust.

Trust Score

Using patent-approved algorithms, we have created a mechanism capable of quantifying your professional and academic credentials as well as your skills. The Trust Score system seeks to better represent users and improve efficiency in the hiring process by providing recruiters and talent acquisition managers with valuable, useful, and real information so they can pick the best talent available.

Trust scores are constantly updated and provide the latest reflection of an individual while keeping their score safe and private. Users can always improve their score by acquiring new skills and experiences.

All-in-one hiring system

From registering an account to  receiving a job offer letter, we are behind you every step of the way. Unlike current job-seeking platforms, ConnectChain offers its users the ability to apply for a job, send interview documents, run background checks, and communicate with recruiters - all through our app.

We protect your information with state-of-the-art security mechanisms and take care of all the work behind the scenes to allow job-seekers to follow their passion and recruiters to assemble the perfect team.